HVAC Service in DeWitt, Eaton County, Ingham County, Lansing, and Portland, MI

If you have a heating or cooling system in your Lansing home or business, then you know that you’ll eventually need to have the system serviced by a trained technician. The best option is to schedule an annual inspection of your system in order to catch issues early so that they can be handled before they turn into significant issues with much higher costs.

Gary’s Heating Service handles both heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial settings, they have been certified in a number of aspects, are licensed by the state and other organizations as well, and have decades of experience in dealing with HVAC systems all over Michigan.

HVAC Service in DeWitt, Eaton County, Ingham County, Lansing, and Portland, MIWhat Does An Inspection Entail?

When you have a technician from Gary’s Heating Service come out to inspect your Eaton County HVAC system, they will be looking at several important things for both the heating system and the cooling system. Having these looked at regularly helps to reduce maintenance costs and can catch issues before they become larger problems.

When inspecting and servicing your DeWitt heating system, the technician should inspect and, when necessary, replace the air filter for your furnace. This is an easy task and your technician can show you how to change the air filter so that you can do that regularly, normally up to 4 times per year. The technician can also calibrate the thermostat to ensure that it is reading the temperature properly, saving you money. He or she will also check all of the connections to make sure there are no loose wires or other connections and will check the condensate drain for clogs or other issues. After reviewing the full system they will give you a report and recommend addressing any issues that they found.

Likewise, for your Portland cooling system, they will look at several aspects of the system. The technician will check the condenser coil and clean that so that it operates properly, ensure that all moving parts are operating as they should, ensure that the system can maintain the temperature set, along with other areas. After checking over everything, you will receive a report from the technician along with any issues that should be addressed.

The sooner that you have your Ingham County HVAC systems inspected, the sooner you can address problems before they become large issues. Gary’s Heating Service will draw from their decades of experience to provide recommendations to you for your system and can tell you what happens when you ignore the ongoing preventative measures. Contact Gary’s Heating Service for your next HVAC service.