Furnace Installation in DeWitt, Eaton County, Ingham County, Lansing, and Portland, MI

Having an adequate and functioning heating system for your Portland home is a necessity. The good news is that when you have a furnace installed, aside from regular maintenance and upkeep, it should last you around 20 years. The bad news is if you bought a house and it hasn’t had a new furnace installed, at some point you will have to have a new unit put in. Gary’s Heating Service has done thousands of furnace installations and can make quick work of your DeWitt home’s furnace needs.

Furnace Installation in DeWitt, Eaton County, Ingham County, Lansing, and Portland, MIWhat To Know About The Right Furnace

While it would be nice to just have a single furnace size that works for everyone, that just isn’t the case. Getting the right furnace for your Eaton County home involves a couple of things to ensure that you don’t get a unit that is too small for your home, and to prevent getting a unit that is overkill for your home. This starts with knowing what the square footage of your home is. If your home has existing ductwork in place, it is important to know where that is and how it’s configured. Additionally, knowing the number of windows and the style of windows can be important for the furnace size as well. All of this goes into the quote that Gary’s Heating Service will provide when you are ready for a furnace installation at your Lansing home.

Installation Steps

Replacing your Ingham County furnace is a great way to know more about your house so you can do proper maintenance on the systems, including your heating system. With the old furnace removed, and the fuel source turned off, the new furnace can be installed. What frequently happens with a furnace replacement is that the new furnace is actually smaller than the old furnace, and this means that additional metalwork needs to be added in order to match up to your existing ductwork. Once that is done, the vent pipes will be connected. These may need to be adjusted as well with the new furnace since they operate slightly differently from the older models. Then the gas supply will be connected, electrical and condensate lines. Once the technician has all of this done, they can test the system to ensure that everything works as it should. Gary’s Heating Service will provide you with documentation on the new furnace and can schedule an annual inspection to make sure everything is running as it should.