AC Repair in DeWitt, Eaton County, Ingham County, Lansing, and Portland, MI

Living in Eaton County, Michigan means that much of the year we don’t need air conditioning because the weather is enjoyable enough or cold enough. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t also get hot weather, and when you need that AC you want it to work when you turn it on. Make sure that you have your air conditioning up to snuff when you need it, but when you need AC repair, give a call to Gary’s Heating Service to get it fixed right.

Common AC Repairs

AC Repair in DeWitt, Eaton County, Ingham County, Lansing, and Portland, MIAir conditioning systems don’t have a lot of complexity to them, and as a result, there are some common repairs that you should know about. These are what the technicians will be looking for as well to help diagnose and correct the problem. First up is a refrigerant leak, as your Lansing air conditioning unit is filled with refrigerant in order to cool the air in your home. Often this is the case when your air conditioning isn’t working properly.

Another common issue is the drainage of water. As your Portland air conditioning works, it produces condensation, and this condensation needs to go somewhere. The technician will be checking your condensate lines to see if any are broken or clogged, and if things get too bad they will need to check other components to ensure they did not get damaged by the water.

A broken compressor fan could lead to significant damage as well if not dealt with quickly. The unit outside of your DeWitt home contains elements that help bleen off heat from the refrigerant in your system, and if the compressor fan is broken or not working properly, the system could overheat leading to burnout of components.

Lastly, you might experience frozen condenser coils on your outside unit. This happens when there isn’t proper airflow through the outside unit to prevent water buildup to happen where it can freeze if it gets cold enough. All of these are common in Ingham County and can be corrected by Gary’s Heating Service.

What To Do When Things Aren’t Working

If things aren’t working as you expect, do a few simple troubleshooting techniques to eliminate some easy issues. First, check that your thermostat hasn’t been accidentally sent to hold or vacation mode. Accidentally hitting buttons can sometimes cause things to work differently than expected. Also, check the batteries in your thermostat if it has them. If the thermostat doesn’t have power or needs new batteries, this will affect performance. Lastly, check your air filter for your system, and if it is dirty install a new, clean air filter. If these are all in order, then shut down your system and call Gary’s Heating Service to get a technician out to check on the rest of the system for you.